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Schultz & Larsen M69 Target Rifle


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Schultz & Larsen is a Danish rifle and silencer manufacturing company that was founded in 1919 in Otterup. In 1994 it was acquired by Jørgen Nielsen, and the production plants split between Otterup and Rask Mølle near Horsens. Currently the company is owned by Morten Krogh.

The M69 was of very similar appearance to the M58E and retained the refurbished Mauser military action, but with some detail differences amongst which the bolt handle was reshaped to a lower profile, fitting into a Kar98k-style recess in the stock on some examples. It was available chambered in 6.5×55mm Swedish Mauser and 7.62×51mm NATO. An excellent fully adjustable Schultz & Larsen match trigger replaced the polished military trigger used in earlier versions.